Our lives with the bears

Brown bear in the Loška dolina

Loška dolina is located in the middle of the brown bear habitat in Slovenia, so its presence in our woods is permanent; in recent decades its population has been constantly increasing.

You can run into a bear at the very edge of the forest, so caution and appropriate behaviour are crucial when taking a walk or hiking. link to How to behave in bear areas

LEAFLET: How to behave in the area of brown bear presence

We don't invite the bear to lunch

Bears are opportunistic eaters and have a good memory. That is why they quickly find easily accessible food resources, common in the villages and settlements, such as juicy fruits in orchards or the so called anthropogenic food resources in garbage cans and composters.

In order to prevent the bears from consuming food waste and thereby limiting them from approaching the settlements, several bear-proof compost bins and garbage cans, including waste container casings have been placed in the municipality Loška dolina, as part of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project. The actions taken have been positively received by the local community.

A bear is part of our daily lives

We kindly ask you to be careful about where you put your food remains or other food waste.

The bears also access other property, particularly bee houses and orchards, which unfortunately cannot be entirely and properly protected.

So far, there have not been any major conflicts with the brown bear in the area of Loška dolina. The attitude of most of the local residents toward this remarkable animal species remains positive, because the bears have become part of our everyday lives.

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