Brown bear observation is always a special, wholesome experience. In order to make it pleasant and successful as well, we hereby summarize the most important information and recommendations.

for the participants attending brown bear observation tours in a natural environment

For the brown bear observation programmes, organized by Tourist Information Centre Lož, ADVANCE BOOKING is required.


The costs have to be paid in TIC Lož before going on an observation tour. Payment can only be made in cash. In case the bear does not approach during the first observation tour, the money is not refunded. However, a 50 % discount will be offered for the next observation tour.


A group of four adults can go into one hunting hideout; there are several hunting hideouts available. An experienced guide will remain with the group throughout the entire session.
Basic communication is mostly held in English; for longer and more complex explanations the staff in TIC Lož can be addressed.


Clothes and footwear must correspond to a particular season and weather. We recommend you wear light walking boots or sports shoes in dry weather. In the forest about 700 meters above sea level the temperatures in the evening may be colder than down in the valley. That is why warm clothes in spring and autumn period will definitely be useful. In summer it is recommended you have at least one long-sleeved clothing item with you.
The equipment must not be noisy, popping or crackling.
It is forbidden to use perfumed accessories or insect repellents.


The participants, attending a brown bear observation tour, must be able to walk through the forest for about 10 minutes, climb a 3-m ladder and sit calmly and quietly in a hunting hide for about two hours.
If you have any medical issues that might affect the observation tour in any way, please inform the organizer of your condition, so that a proper solution can be found.


It is necessary to remain perfectly calm and quiet.
The participant cannot leave a hunting hide during the session. If you want to complete your brown bear observation tour earlier than predicted, please inform your guide about it. Also inform your guide if you have any other trouble whatsoever in the hideout.
No food is allowed in the hunting hide. We recommend you only have a small bottle of water with you.
Mobile phones must be turned off from the moment you enter the forest until the end of the brown bear observation tour.


In the beginning of a brown bear observation tour photoshooting is not allowed. The guide will indicate the best time to take pictures. No flash is allowed while using a camera.
Specifically adapted photo hides can be used for taking photos.


The probability of seeing a brown bear is very high. Be aware, however, that the brown bear is a wild animal and its movement or presence below the hunting hide can never be predicted with an absolute certainty.


Even the slightest noise in the hunting hideout may prevent the bear from coming close. According to our experience, young children are not capable of sitting still and quiet for two hours.
We recommend you learn about the wildlife habitat with children under the age of 10 in accordance with their need and capabilities. We particularly recommend you to take a nature trail (Tracking animal footprints) and guided walks in nature.

If the parents nonetheless decide to take children under 10 years of age up into the hunting hideout, they are fully responsible for their safety. If a group with a child under 10 years of age does not see a bear, it is not entitled to a 50 % discount when attending the next session, as is the case with the other brown bear observation groups.


Meeting point:
Tourist Information Centre Lož

Cesta 19. oktobra 49
SI-1386 Stari trg pri Ložu

T: +386 (0)81 602 853

The beginning of the programme depends on the length of the day, so every participant will be given exact information upon booking the tour.

Should you encounter difficulties preventing you from arriving on time or keeping you from coming altogether, urgently inform the staff in TIC Lož via telephone number +386 (0)81 602 853.

Transportation from the meeting point to the hunting hideout is guaranteed. The hideouts are about 15 minutes away from TIC Lož. It will take an easy, 10-minute walk through the forest to reach the treetop hunting hide.

Upon entering the forest, you must be well aware that it is primarily a habitat of numerous animal species. You should behave in a way that does not disturb or agitate the animals.

PUBLICATION: Be safe and responsible in nature