Become acquainted with our guides

Brown bear observation does not only mean sitting above the forest ground in the lookout station or a hideout; it is a wholesome experience, co-designed with our experienced guides.

Our guides are all local. They are members of hunting associations, but first and foremost they are wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. Through educational courses and training, we make sure that their experience and knowledge about nature, animal species and specifics of the local environment are upgraded with skills, required in tourism guiding and proper visitor-guide relationship.

The guides wait at the Tourist Information Centre TIC Lož, from where they safely transport the visitors to the hunting hideouts in the forest and stay with them throughout the observation session. In order to stay safe and experience a successful observation tour, the guides’ instructions must be strictly followed. If the instructions are not followed, the guide will not be held responsible for a failed observation session and is entitled to end the tour.

The guides track the bears’ movement and their presence on the observation locations on a daily basis. The information they provide significantly affects the observation plans. Constant and two-way communication is crucial, because we are well aware that information flow plays a key role in successful observation sessions and in making sure our visitors are pleased with the experience.

In the season of 2020 experienced guides will be with you. They have been guiding the visitors in Loška dolina to observation tours for a number of years; these guides are France, Zdravko, Uroš, Bojan and Roman.