Public Institute for Culture, Tourism and Intergenerational Solidarity Snežnik


About our work

Tourist Information Centre Lož, which operates under the patronage of Public Institute Snežnik, formed its first bear observation programmes in the bears’ habitat in 2013. The programmes emerged as a consequence of a newly recognized opportunity to form a tourist product, based on the abundant and diverse natural endowments of Loška dolina, including all the elements of sustainable tourism development. The tourist product simultaneously emphasises and encourages a respectful attitude toward nature, particularly the protection and conservation of the brown bear in its habitat.

We were the first to offer organized bear observation tours for individual guests in the Slovenian tourist market. The target group, for which the bear observation programmes are designed, primarily focuses on nature enthusiasts – individuals, families and small groups. Tourist Information Centre Lož quickly took over the role of a key information centre, through which bear observation tours are organized. It furthermore provides the guests with other information, related to the presence of brown bear in Slovenia and its co-existence with humans in local environment. The Information Centre therefore exceeds the general tasks of providing tourist information by involving aspects of nature protection and sustainability, related to living with the bears in the area of Loška dolina.  

Bear observation in its habitat, carried out by Public Institute Snežnik, has become an example of good practice of sustainable product development, which we present to foreign expert community via other institutions. With our experience, we also help other Slovenian providers in developing similar products. 

All our programmes are based on the principle of human co-existence with the bear, through which we were given a “bear-friendly” label. In addition to that, we assign part of the income via different activities to conserving the brown bear and its environment, along with encouraging a positive attitude of local inhabitants to this remarkable carnivore. While doing so we connect with other regional and national institutions that offer professional support, various types of education seminars as well as practical assistance.

First and foremost, our attention is devoted to the needs and expectations of our guests. We follow and adapt to their desires, all the while upgrading our offer and improving the quality of our programmes.