Wildlife experience

Embark on a journey and discover a world of natural beauties.

Brown Bear Photography Tour

For amateur and professional photographers, we have prepared specifically adapted photo hides on carefully selected locations with adequate lighting conditions.

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Tree Houses

If you want to truly feel the nature and follow the variables of its daily cycles, you have to take time. A tree house has all the required equipment to put you up for the night.

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Nature trail Tracking animal footprints

The park of Snežnik castle complex warmly welcomes every visitor and offers many avenues, promenades, clearings and water elements to enjoy along some former horse riding trails which will guide you down the nature trail, called Tracking animal footprints.

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Guided strolls

Local tour guides, who have absorbed knowledge through everyday experience, will take you to the hidden spots, show you the sights to behold and uncover the secrets of ancient knowledge.

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